Why we read the Bible

25 08 2009

Last week I began a new thing….Seminary online! So far things are going well, and I just thought I would write out some interactions that I have been having after watching the lectures.

My prof, Dr. Pennington, SBTS said the other day “there is a difference between reading the Bible, and reading Scripture.”  What he meant was that someone can just come to the Bible, read it as a text book, or history book, or sermon study book, or whatever, and walk away never actually reading Scripture.

The point is this (also from Dr. P) “the goal of reading the Bible is transformation”.  Wow! In the ministry I find myself many times coming to the Bible and pulling out truths to feed those I’m teaching. Or coming to the Bible and finding creative sermon ideas or titles and preaching.  If that’s all I’m doing when i read the bible or exegete a passage of Scripture then I’m missing the point…

Why do we read the Bible? Better stated, Why SHOULD we read the Bible? Why should YOU read the Bible? To be TRANSFORMED! To allow God’s word to sink deep w/in you and for the Holy Spirit to take those truths and draw you closer and closer to the image of Jesus Christ.


God bless!