A Cure for Boring Sermons

5 02 2010

A complaint I hear from youth and adults about sermons today (yes, sometimes even my own sermons!) is that they are just “boring”.

Did you know the Word of God prescribes a cure for boring sermons? The cure is in the listener! Now, a preacher has the responsibility of being faithful to the meaning of the text and helping the congregation apply the meaning to their lives.  I don’t desire to be a “boring” preacher at all and I don’t encourage other pastors to be boring. The word of God is not BORING and shame on any preacher who presents it in such a way as to actually make people think that it is.

However, the cure for boring sermons can be found in the listener.  The word of God says to “long for” the Word (cf. 1 Peter 2:2)!  The work of making a sermon interesting rests on the listener.  As the preacher is preaching, are you listening to what he is saying and evaluating his message based on the word of God? Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to work through God’s Word to convict your heart and bring about the intended change that He (God) desires?  The question really isn’t “How entertaining is the preacher?”  The question is “How much do I really long for God’s Word?”  As long as a preacher is preaching God’s word faithfully, I promise you can get something out of it!

Now, just as in any task, sometimes you will have to work harder to make a sermon interesting.  Some preachers will naturally appeal to your style more than others.  However, my encouragement for you, if you are beginning to find sermons “boring”, is to work harder at listening!  Maybe this Sunday you need to take a note pad to help you take notes. Or for some, it starts with simply bringing a Bible to church so they can pay attention better to what the preacher is saying.

Last night I had to make a run to the Dollar Store to pick up a can of Refried Beans and a gallon of milk.  A weird combination I know, so when I got to the cashier I joked “this’ll make a great supper!” She laughed and said “I guess anything’s good if you’re hungry enough.” Hmmm…

How hungry are you for the Word of God?