Where are the men?

1 09 2010

The middle school in the town that our church is in recently started a Christian club called “Impact”.  The club meets every Tuesday during the 2nd half of lunch.  I am excited about this idea and glad to see some Jr. High kids taking the initiative on beginning this club!

After going to the meeting however, I am somewhat concerned…

There were 27 students at the meeting! I personally felt that was a great number. The problem? 20 of those students were girls and only 7 were boys.  That’s roughly a 3:1 ratio.  I know that it was only one meeting and that to cite those numbers as statistical fact would be unwise, but still it got me thinking… Why such a low number of boys?

I believe it’s because we are losing our MEN in the church! The same day I went to “Impact” I also went to another “meeting”.  This meeting was for the DeWitt Touchdown Club and it was held at the High School practice field.  There were about 20 or so men from our community that showed up to encourage the Jr. and Sr. high football teams.

I personally do like football and am a member of the touchdown club.  I think athletics can teach young men a lot.  HOWEVER, why is it so easy to get men to encourage boys to play a game, but not encourage them to serve the living God?  It’s because slowly, but surely we’ve allowed distored teachings of biblical manhood to enter our churches.

 Where are the men who God has called to love their wives and disciple their children?

It is hard for some of us in ministry to teach biblical manhood because we’ve never been taught it ourselves! Are you practicing and teaching biblical manhood? Search the Scriptures! They are not silent!

I conclude with another link from the Connecting Church and Home conference (8/20-8/21/2010)… This is general session 2, Dr. Randy Stinson speaking about Biblical Manhood (definitely worth your time!): CLICK HERE