Mother’s Day Sermon 2010

6 05 2010

At the end of the day, motherhood matters because we are charged with the awesome task to train the next generation and, together with their fathers, arm them to be warriors for Christ.” – Mary K. Mohler

Still doing some studying for the message Sunday morning, but as I read and reflect I thought I’d give you the basic outline of the sermon…

First off, my “Series” for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is “Faith Legacy.” As I’ve blogged about before I’m trying to emphasize the importance of parents cultivating their children’s relationship with Christ.  My title, Motherhood Matters, is not really creative or original but it grasps my proposition that motherhood is a high calling.

My text is only one verse: 2 Timothy 1:5 I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well.”

Here’s why we honor our mothers, not only on Mother’s Day, but also year round:

I. Mothers have Purpose- A mother’s primary purpose of course is to have a child! That may be by birth or adoption. Notice, I did not say a woman’s primary purpose is to have a child.  There are some godly women that God has not called to motherhood.  Although, I still believe all women are born with a certain “mothering” instinct even if some are not called to be mothers.  Anyway, a mother’s ultimate purpose is to pass on her faith legacy. I know that some would say “Well, yes, faith legacy is important, after I clothe my kids and feed them, and take them to school, and clean the house, etc.” But what I’m saying is if a mom is fulfilling her ultimate purpose of handing down her faith legacy then all these other things will fall into place (see Matt. 6:33).  In Timothy’s life we see a faith that was passed down from his grandmother, to his mother, and then to him.  Why are there so many pages of “generations” at various points in the Bible? Why did God tell Israel to do things like leave a pile of stones in certain places, write down records of events, etc.? Because handing down the faith from one generation to the next is God’s idea!

Not only do we honor mother’s because they have purpose, but also because,

II. Mother’s have Power-  Do you know what Moses, David, Jesus, Paul, Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln, and Cuatro have in common? We all have a mom!  Let’s look at grandmother Lois in our text.  How does she have power? Let’s look at Timothy- He was the pastor of one of the greatest churches we see in the New Testament: Ephesus.  Lois’s influence on her daughter and grandson played a part in God’s redemptive plan! Since she was faithful in sharing the Scriptures (O.T.) with her daughter and grandson, Timothy was molded by God to do great things (see 2 Tim. 2:14-15).

I want to ask all moms: How will you use your power? Do you know what Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Darth Vader all have in common? They all had a mom!  Now, I’m not saying that bad people have bad moms and good people have good moms, but what I am saying is that mothers have tremendous power in shaping the minds and hearts of their children.  You see, if as a mother your ultimate purpose is to pass on your faith legacy, then God has given you the power to do so! How? Look at Deuteronomy 6:5-7!  Mom- Use your power and influence to teach your children about God and His ways. 

It’s great to bring your children to church, but if that’s all you do for them spiritually it’s not enough.  Pray with your children (more than just meal times), read the bible together, talk about the things of God.  And here you might say “Cuatro, you don’t understand, I don’t have a husband, or my husband is not a believer, or my husband is not as committed to Christ as I am.”  I do know those situations can be tough and are not God’s ultimate design for the family.  But look at Acts 16:1…Eunice (Timothy’s mom) was a Jew and her husband was a Greek! The point is, don’t excuse yourself from your calling as a mother, even if your husband is not cooperating.  Motherhood is a special, beautiful, and high calling! Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t making an impact in this world… You have more power than you even know!

A last note on a mom’s power is Titus 2:3-5.  Mom’s that no longer have children living at home still have a huge role to play in the church!  What kind of faith legacy are you older moms/women leaving for these younger moms/women?  Who will walk alongside this younger generation of moms and show them what it means to be a godly wife and mother?  Let’s face it, there are just some things that only women can teach other women (men have no clue)!

Finally, not only do women have purpose and power, but,

III. Mother’s are people too- Another thing I know for sure about Lois and Eunice is that they were human beings.  And the thing I know about human beings is that we mess up (Rom. 3:23).  In fact, take a look at another biblical mother found in Matthew 1:5.

Do you remember Rahab? She was a prostitute in the city of Jericho!  But God used her to be in the lineage of His Son, Jesus Christ.  The only type of people God uses are those who are broken!  So, even if you are not the perfect mother, stop trusting yourself and turn to Christ.

The point is not to read this and go away with added weight on your life and feel like a failure. The point is to feel the calling and conviction of God to be a biblical mother, and turn to Christ as your foundation for being a godly mom. If God can use a prostitute to be a mother in the lineage of Himself, then He can use you to make difference in your home, church, and world.

I hope those who aren’t moms that read this understand a little better about why we honor them.

Dads, tune in for Father’s Day…


The Priority in Christian Parenting

1 04 2010

We recently took a survey of 31 students in our youth ministry asking them how much time they spend with their parents reading the bible (we got the survey from Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC, you can find the survey by CLICKING HERE). Here are the results:

20/31 (65%) Said they NEVER/ALMOST NEVER read the bible with their parents
10/31 (32%) Said they SOMETIMES read the bible with their parents
1/31 (3%)       Said they OFTEN read the bible with their parents

Now what if I asked questions like “How much time do you spend with your parents practicing/talking about sports?” or “How much time do you spend with your parents discussing/doing homework?” Or what if I would have asked “How much time do your parents spend helping you have proper hygiene/clothing etc. for school so you fit in with everyone else?”

Parents find/make the time with their children to do homework/sports/vacations/social events/etc.  I’m not saying that these things are “wrong”, but when they take the place of cultivating a relationship with Christ they become an idol!  How many parents would allow their children to skip a baseball/basketball/football game or tournament? Yet, those same parents let their children skip church and church events all the time! How many parents go out of their way to make sure their children are keeping up with their school reading but don’t care to make sure that their children are reading their bibles?

I don’t think I’m being an idealist here.  Discipling our children is a biblical mandate (cf. Deut. 6:5-7). It is possible to make time to read the bible with our children and intentionally cultivate godly character (godly Christian character is more than “morality”).  Parents must think about the message they are sending their children when church and the things of God are not a priority. 

How do you know when things in the home are out-of-order? When parents are ensuring their children are committed to sports, school, and friends but not to church.

You see, the second part of our survey told us that 74% of students wished they read the bible with their parents MORE OFTEN! This means an overwhelming majority of our students desire to be discipled by their parents.  Why do they desire this? It’s God-given!

Parents, this post is not to drag you down, but to lift you up! Your children want you to tell them about this God that you serve.  This should encourage and motivate you to learn more about and grow closer to Him yourself!  As a youth pastor, I want to apologize for our current trends in youth ministry. We have said for so long “drop your kids off parents, and stay out-of-the-way, and let us disciple them.”  You know what that has resulted in? The largest group of college freshman leaving the church in history! I know that youth pastors can make a difference.  I had a few that made lasting Christ-like impressions on my life. BUT, we must realize that God has appointed parents to be the primary disciple makers…

Parents, remember your privilege and responsiblity of being a Christian mom or dad.  I’d like to end with my own modern paraphrase of Matt. 6:25-33… God bless!

Don’t worry about the clothes your kids wear or their ballgames, grades, or what college they will go to.  For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

If you’d like more ideas/help/info. on this topic, I enourage you to visit our Parent Helps page at