Count the Cost

13 07 2010

If you’ve ever been involved in a building project then you know that often times the bid you get for construction turns out to be lower than the actual cost. There’s always something unforeseen that happens that makes things a little more expensive than what you were planning.

Soon I’m preaching on Luke 9:57-62. As I’ve began studying this passage this thought keeps coming to me: “What has following Christ cost me?”. I mean in this passage of Scripture there are three different instances of Jesus explaining what it means to follow Him.

I see implications here of forsaking our comforts, traditions, and relationships all for the sake of Christ. And yet I still wonder, “Has following Jesus cost me any of these things?”

I’m afraid in America and especially in the “Bible belt” that following Christ costs us very little. In fact, I can think of several instances where “following Jesus” is actually more advantageous for one’s social, economic, and even political situations. See, the question is not “what if” Jesus is asking me to give up things to follow Him or even “when” will Jesus call me to give up things… The question is “How has Jesus asked me to give up these things for the sake of the Gospel?”

What areas of your life do you still have that are uncrucified? Yes, obviously comforts, traditions, and relationships are not bad things. But in relation to the Gospel calling them “secondary” is an understatement!

Have you counted the cost of following Jesus? Do you see why it’s impossible for us to do on our own? To follow Christ we must first “repent and believe the Gospel” (cf. Mark 1:15). Once we have done this God begins to change everything about us making us more and more like Jesus through the process if sanctification.

The point is today that some may read this post and feel sad or even angry. But for those who’ve trusted Christ I hope it’s an encouragement knowing that we forsake all for the Glory of Christ! That the battle is already won, the Way has already been made and our call is to FOLLOW!

Are you counting the cost? Can you truly say today to Jesus “I will follow you wherever you go?”, knowing He walks a path that turns the priorities of this world on their head?