No Objectivity in Public Education

18 08 2010

Many 2010-2011 school years have already began across the country, while many more will begin within the coming week…

Parents need to know that students attending public school are put in a system that is opposed to the Christian worldview.  Now, that seems like a harsh statement, and the truth is that there are pockets of conservative public education across the country, but the facts remain the same: Our ultimate standard of Truth is found in God and His Word, Public Education “prohibits” Christ from being taught, … you draw the conclusion.

In other words, can we really separate Math, History, English, etc. from the Creator of these things?

In a recent blog post Albert Mohler writes “All teaching involves ideology and intellectual commitments. There is no position of authentic objectivity.” 

There are good Christian teachers out there – and yes some of their worldview will come over in their teaching.  However, their hands are tied when it comes to presenting Truth in the classroom! And, furthermore, textbooks seem to be pushing more and more towards “State-ism” (the teaching that the government is our ultimate reality, see more on the definition HERE).

A solid Christian teacher in this situation is the best case scenario.  Worse case? The non-Christian teacher that has ulterior motives in teaching and actually desires to lead students away from the Truth.  Most teachers fall somewhere in between, but they will all bring something into their teaching.  I mean, think about the statement that “teaching should be objective” or that “students should be presented all views and then allowed to make their own decision”… Those statements are subjective! Why would we as Christians want to present all views when we know that only One view is Truth?  Why would we want kids making their own decisions when we know that folly is what is stored up in their hearts (Prov. 22:15)?  The point is, that every person who teaches your child that does not hold to the same standard of Truth that you do, will have influence over your child (sometimes subtle, sometimes profound).

Mohler goes on to say in his blog “For Christian parents and students, this should be a matter of deep concern and active awareness. The secularization of most educational institutions is an accomplished fact.”  Mohler is speaking of Colleges and Universities, but the same can be said of Secondary Education.  Why should you as a parent be concerned? Because every day of the 2010-2011 school year, your student will be spending about 7 hours under teaching that undermines the Truth of Scripture (besides blatant falsehoods like macro-evolution and misrepresentations of our Nation’s founding, think about how school subtly teaches us to “think” apart from God.)  That’s 1260 hours a year (based on 180 school days a year).  Over 13 years (K-12) that’s 16,380 hours!

Again, I know this statement sounds harsh, but we have to understand that there is a battle being waged for our students’ hearts, minds, and souls.  This is a battle some teachers don’t even realize that they are playing a part in! (See Eph. 6:12 )

So what do we do?

If you teach in the Public School system, then you realize that in many areas your hands are tied.  You must seize every opportunity that you have (legally) to present Truth.  Also, be sure and be intentional in seeking out quality text books.  The most popular, and the most “teacher” friendly books, are not always the best teaching material.  Finally, there is the option of teaching in a Christian Private School, not always a possibility but could be where God is calling you.

If you are a parent, then you have to know your options.  Homeschooling is not something that everyone is able to do, but should be something that at least parents pray about while their students are young.  Another viable option is Christian Private School…

I believe that both of these options should be prayed about and sought after if possible because we must understand that as parents we are responsible for what our students are learning.  That being said, I know that the majority of parents out there are in a situation where homeschooling and private schools are not an option. Is all hope lost? No, but we must be intentional about discipling our kids!  This means we discuss the things of God with them in all facets of their life, including school.  As hard as public education may try, schools will never be able to remove God, because there is no area of our life that God is not God!  How are the hours you spend discipling your kids compared with the amount of time they are being “discipled” at school?

I write this today to remind parents and teachers of what’s at stake!  I’m not trying to scare you out of Public Education (although, if God is leading you in that direction…) but I just want to remind you that Christ and the world are opposed…  We should not marvel that the world would try to undermine the Truth.  Keep your head up, be on guard, and run this race well!  Children are a blessing and it is our privilege and responsibility to raise them well…

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